Gelateria Stalžn
The name, a mispronounced word in Vernazzan dialect, which is heavily accented on the "i" comes from the nickname of the first proprietor who opened the gelateria in 1968 with continued success in the following years.

Sonia and her brother, Francesco took over the business 10 years ago maintaining the same high quality gelato and pastry production. The best examples of this tradition can be found in the typical Torta Stalžn with it's creamy chocolate and cream base and the famous PacciŁgu gelato. Today, Gelateria Stalžn, 40 years in business is the oldest gelateria - bakery in Vernazza.

The Room
Vernazza is the most famous town of the Cinque Terre that ends at the small beach in the harbor where it's people congregate in the Piazza Marconi.

From the square you can take a stairway to Via Ettore Vernazza where you will find Gelateria Stalin's room...

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